Update! ~More animation

over the last 3 weeks or so animation has been going fairly slowly. mostly due to scene corruption over and over and being unable to identify the problem. after alot of file trading back and forth between mehmet things are chaotically being put together.

while i initially only did a few keyframes, it was occasionally necessary for me to Add to the animation or slightly change a few things. examples of this can be found here.

and another example.

mehmets initial clean up

My re-cleanup

near the end of scene one i left mehmet in charge of the final few seconds completely. a scene where the robot turned and looked down at sophie i added some 2ndary animation in the arms, and hips so that the robot isnt completely motionless, this isnt the fault of mehmet as time was being horribly cut short from me attempting to get all the frames together and files an d sorting out renders with dan, which ended up failing almost every step of the way.

other than that most of the animation by mehmet turned out quite good, unfortunately with me being in charge of scene 1 somehow things got rather chaotic as there ended up being over 10 gigs of files just for scene 1.. and not all of the files had the most up to date animation all the way through, which made compiling and sorting out the shots, (which i was also in charge of for scene one) Insanely difficult, while i admit it was my fault for being slightly unorganized in this manner. the reason for having so many files is because each time i edited / saved Maya would crash, corrupt, and destroy everything ive worked on time and time again. Which we found out was due to a bugged/corrupted Object within the scene, which turned out to be the Radio Chris had modelled for the project. the radio had to be scrapped, and a new scene created MULTIPLE times in order to fix the extensive corruption in the 30+ files that kept rearing its head, making it completely impossible to render.


after alot of trial and error animation has officially begun, ive begun keyframing the action. the keyframing is being done and tested in both step tangent keyframes and Linear Tangent keyframing. Here are some playblasts.

Update 2.0

Sophie! so far her leg texture isnt done, the leg texture we had previous was.. unsatisfactory. currently the shader she is using looks more liek stockings than skin, which May prove to be acceptable with current time frames.



Well, sophie is basically completed in the months since the last post, there is alot of progress to report. Sophies face has been tweeked since the last 2 video's posted and a lower Polygone version has been produced.

First a quick Shot of the lower Poly gone version

The Polygone count has dropped significantly

Afterwards, Chris and Dan worked on textures, while i primarily worked on Blend Shapes for sophies Expressions.

Some expressions can be seen in these shots

and also a quick video of 1 Blend Shape Set here

Hair was difficult to come up with, tried maya hair, but maya hair was very laggy and didnt seem to go too well with the style of the model. In the end i Made a quick texture and tested it.

Further progress afterwards included Some texture tweeks and tests, As the final texture wasnt 100% correct for some of the later mesh tweeks that came to sophie.
Some of these texture tests can be seen in these shots.


I adjusted sophies Lips to conform to the model more accurately. Also these are some of the tweeks in the texture i made myself to conform better to the mesh of the model.

Original texture

Sophie 3D face view

Here's sophie in a 360 view video. Please go to youtube to view them in Higher quality.

Slide Show Sophie progress

Slide show of sophies progress... i see a green spider hanging outside my window. D;

the new Junk Food 3D work gallery: Junk Food 3D work gallery here

Modelling Sophie Pt 3

Just hit me... why didn't i put a Slideshow instead of fixing all these images 1 by 1.. and give a link to the new 3D work gallery... urgh im so dumb.... (migrain)

Modelling Sophie Pt 2

Modelling Sophie

3D character model of Sophie. Here be the progress:


My section of the Junk Food Animatic. "Junk food: Day One"